Semi-automatic boilers

Pobeda P-10 (10 kW)




52 900 rub.

Main fuel :

  • Firewood

    When you use dry firewood burning time increases.

Reserve fuel:

  • Coal

    When you use coal the burning time increases, but the service life of the grate installed in the boiler decreases.

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  • Pellet boiler Pobeda PF-15 (PF-10)

    Neya city, Kostroma region

    The boiler was bought in the winter. But we installed it just now. Thanks to Pobeda company for putting the guarantee period in the boiler’s passport from the moment of installation, and not from the moment of purchase! The boiler is excellent... We need to buy pellets! You can also heat it with wood cuz of a special sheet of iron you can use to close the burner - a very convenient solution! Also, it is very convenient that the hopper can be placed on any side of the boiler (except the back). I put my hopper in front of the boiler, a meter away from it! In the photo, you can see that there’s no other place to put it! But this does not prevent you from freely opening all three boiler doors!

  • Appeal to the customers. Office

    Yaroslavl, Office

  • Boilers Pobeda at the AQUATHERM exhibition

    Moscow, AquaTerm 2018

    The “Pobeda”’s employee appeal

  • The pellet boiler, the Pobeda of PF-30

    MAGNIT store, Soligalich

    This report is posted by the company with the consent of the store's management. The boiler was installed by the company's employees. Tieback was simple since the budget was limited! The boiler heats the trading floor, warehouses, household premises and the boiler room itself! At first, a 240-liter hopper was installed, which was enough for 3-4 days. Then we reinstalled the hopper up to 1000 liters (special size, the regular did not enter the door). Operation time 2 weeks! Also we installed an electric boiler, in case of pellet delivery delay. Everything works perfectly! Later we will post a video of the boiler’s work!

  • Wood-fired boiler Pobeda, P-20, with a cutout for the burner

    Krasnodar region

    Ordered Pobeda’s boiler. Free delivery! The boiler was ordered with a cutout for the further installation of a pellet burner (not every company can do it). Now there is a plugin for the firebox and in the encasing. Well done, very convenient! The boiler is tied up with a 300-liter tank, the tank is insulated! This system works about 14 hours on firewood (mixed),and about 16-18 hours on coal! A good cauldron. I haven’t found any flaws! Automatics are easy to use, and it works perfectly! You can fix it on the wall (only if you figure out how). Thank you! The guarantee period is put from the moment of installation - you need a small photo report, like mine!

  • Boiler Pobeda, PU-10, firewood, automatic, amplified

    Soligalich city

    I bought a boiler in Yaroslavl (then I found out that there is one in Kostroma which is closer). The cauldron is better than any I've seen before. Very heavy, I think it’s 250 kg! I hope it’s reliable! The boiler looks cool! The boiler is insulated (under the encasing),so we put it in an unheated room. No heat loss! Installation is simple, without any special isolations. Everything is well-managed. In the cold weather (25 degrees Celsius below zero) it burns for approximately 8 hours. At 15 degrees Celsius below zero it works 10 hours on dry wood! In springtime, it burns 12-13 hours, quietly smoldering! The current tieback will need some changes – to solve the condensate problem in springtime.

  • Boiler Pobeda, PF-15, pellet, automatic

    Sergey, Neya city, Kostroma region

    I bought a pellet boiler with a flare burner. 15 KW. The house is 130 sq.m. Everything is well-managed, works automatic, there is also a fire-fighting system. The standard hopper for 240 liters is enough for 7 days. May be later I will change it and put the bigger one up to 500 liters! The feed worm is reliable, nothing gets stuck and it has two feed motors. There is a self-cleaning device on the burner! Yes, the burner is made of thick stainless steel. Very heavy. Automatic devices in the form of a tablet, a lot of functions, and operation modes, all in the Russian language! We installed everything using a car battery as back-up, in case of a power cut, it works for 3 hours on a self0sufficiency basis! Very cool! I’m satisfied. I remove the ash every few days and use light pellets - the amount of ash is very low!

  • Boiler Pobeda, P-10, firewood, coal

    Alexander, Moscow

    The boiler was installed by constructors, it was they who advised me this boiler! Installation took approx 3 hours, along with the chimney and tieback. The house is 70 sq.m., warms up very well! Different types of wood, but a lot of aspen trees. Good for the burner. Sandwich chimney, insulated, 4 meters. The boiler doesn't fume! The boiler is heavy, so be careful while moving it (we turned it over). We almost put it on the leg several times!

  • Boiler Pobeda, PU-15, wood, coal, briquettes

    Kostroma region, Sergey

    It took a long time for me to choose a boiler, but finally I decided on Pobeda. I didn't regret it at all! Everything works well, it functions perfectly! I recommend this company. Managers on the web site answer to all questions. They give good advices which helps. Thanks!

  • Boiler Pobeda, PU-15, wood, coal

    Ivan, Chukhloma city, Kostroma region

    A great boiler. The steel is thick, the water jacket is on all sides, the heat removal is very good. Automatics are easy to use! The turbine runs faultlessly, inflates, and supports burning on a stable level! Wet woodworks about 8 hours, dry woods run almost 12 hours! I’m satisfied! While using wet wood the chimney gets clogged, but I think it's because of the boiler!

  • Boiler Pobeda PU-10, wood

    Sergey, Suday village, Kostroma region

    Purchased a reinforced boiler with an extended firebox Pobeda PU-10 for 85 sq. m. house. The boiler is easy to install and I understood the automatics without effort! It’s stable, on one batch works about 10 hours! The boiler is heavy, more than 200 kg.

  • Boiler Pobeda, PF-15. Neya, installed in January 2019.


    Boiler Pobeda, PF-15. Neya, installed in January 2019.

  • Yulia Sergeevna

    54, Ivanovo

    I wanted to make a gift to my husband for his 50th birthday. We have a large house, built a long time ago, and we heat out hose with stone heater. I decided to buy a boiler, called by the number I saw on TV, the boys told me everything in detail. Best of all, I liked that once I threw firewood in the boiler and I don’t need to check on it all day or night. It’s not only a time saver but a space safer too, because when we removed the old heater the house space expanded.

  • Lyudmila Petrovna

    49 years old, Ufa

    I wanted to make a gift to my husband for his 50th birthday. We have a large house, built a long time ago, and we heat out hose with stone heater. I decided to buy a boiler, called by the number I saw on TV, the boys told me everything in detail. Best of all, I liked that once I threw firewood in the boiler and I don’t need to check on it all day or night. It’s not only a time saver but a space safer too, because when we removed the old heater the house space expanded.

  • Sergey Petrovich

    50 years old, Arkhangelsk

    It took a long time for me to choose a boiler. Before that, I used the ordinary one with open fire. It was enough for 1.5 hours max, then it was a thermos that stored heat. I wanted to buy a pyrolysis heater, but after studying the materials, it turned out that one fuel batch is enough for 3-5 hours on average. I needed more, at least 8-9 hours of burning. On the Internet, I came across boilers of the long-term burning period. In general, they do burn longer, but the truth is they cost around 100 thousand rubles...I surfed the Internet for a few more days and came across boilers Pobeda, made in Yaroslavl. I chose a boiler for 200 sq. m. and the price is almost 2 times cheaper than the ones I’ve seen before. According to the descriptions, it stands toe to toe to the European counterparts. As a result, I called the company, ordered, and paid for it.

  • Pobeda PU-10 amplified

    v. Kadyy, Kostroma region, Alexey Vladimirovich

    In November 2019, I bought Pobeda’s boiler, which is amplified and has an extended firebox! The firebox is quite impressive; firewood 52-54 cm easily fits, even in a horizontal position! Boiler with automatic control, on dry wood, works for at least 10 hours! I took the boiler for almost 90 sq.m! Does not fume, does not heal! Sometimes I use briquettes, they are also enough for a long time, even a little longer than dry firewood!

  • Boiler Pobeda PU-30, amplified

    Nizhny Novgorod region, Dmitry

    I took the boiler Pobeda PU-20 1.5 years ago (in 2018) and never regretted it. The boiler is powerful and solid. It weighs more than 300 kg, I don't remember exactly, but I suppose it marked on the label! The steel is thick. It burns for a long time on any fuel, even on wood waste - for at least 6-7 hours. I didn’t make a high chimney, approx 5 meters, and it is enough for now! Last winter, I heated my house in full force to dry it. Winter is not cold now... so I'm not heating in full force yet! I recommend it to those who are looking for a high-quality boiler!

  • Pobeda PU-20, Yaroslavl region

    Sergey, Tunoshna

    Excellent boiler with a long firebox! The only thing: you need to connect entire automatics directly through the rectifiers or voltage regulators. Automatics are reliable, European, and therefore do not like power surges! The boiler works on one batch for 10-12 hours! The house has underfloor heating! I recommend it!


The boilers are equipped with:

  • Air supply fan for boiler furnace

    Electronic control unit ST-24 or ST-28

The set of automatics controls the fan, which ensures high efficiency of the boiler when burning any solid fuel. In addition, the control units have an output for connecting a circulation pump (or two pumps in the ST-28 unit for heating systems with a storage tank) of your heating system.

Future technologies

Warranty and service life

All boilers are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of receipt of the boiler.

The warranty can be established from the date of installation, if the latter is confirmed by documents and in the presence of photographs or video filming.

Free delivery within the CIS

Free shipping

We carry out Free delivery all over Russia to the nearest regional city,

Or to a large city where there is a pick-up point for a transport company with which we cooperate (among them: PEK, RATEK, Baikal-Service, etc.). Upon agreement with you, delivery to your address can be carried out at the rates applicable in the Transport Company.

Advantages of "Pobeda" boilers

    • The grate consists of several elements, therefore, if the most loaded part burns out, one element changes, and not the entire grate. This is very beneficial since the cast iron grates used in boilers are quite expensive items.

    • Semi-automatic boilers operate on one fuel load from 10 hours. Burning time can be significantly increased using high-quality fuel (dry wood and coal),as well as competently design and install your heating system. Heating systems with forced circulation of the coolant are more efficient.

    • Pellet boilers work on one tab from 3-5 days to 2 weeks, it all depends on the capacity of the pellet hopper.

    • Each boiler is equipped with an air supply turbine, which is controlled by the boiler automation. Precise regulation of air supply ensures complete combustion of fuel, high fuel economy, and also eliminates the need to install high chimneys. For small household boilers, a sufficient chimney height is 3-4 meters!

    • Pobeda boilers do not require constant attention and regular maintenance. Automatic regulation of the combustion process eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the boiler operation by users.

      The use of high-quality dry fuel eliminates "boiler overgrowth"

      Large boiler doors provide easy access to all internal elements of the boiler

    • The presence of a large, capacious ash box in the boiler provides convenience in removing combustion products, as well as cleanliness in the room where the boiler is installed! Ash removal is allowed during boiler operation without stopping it.

    • The presence of a large number of heat exchangers inside the boiler, a water jacket around the entire perimeter, as well as the use of automation and an air supply turbine - ensure high efficiency of the boiler as a whole.

    • This function ensures high efficiency of the boiler operation, eliminates the need for constant monitoring by people behind the boiler during operation, and also ensures the safety of you and your loved ones, as it turns off the air supply in case of boiler overheating or power outage. But at the same time, Pobeda boilers can work completely in non-volatile mode with the additional installation of a TRIGGER.

    • Pobeda boilers have rather capacious, large furnaces. This allows more fuel to be loaded into the boilers at one time.

    • In addition to a water jacket around the entire perimeter, each boiler is equipped with additional heat exchangers made of seamless thick-walled pipes. All this significantly increases the total heat removal area inside the boiler.

    • All Pobeda boilers have an additional heat-insulating layer located under the outer casing of the boilers. This excludes the heating of the boiler from the outside, which means you will not get burned on the boiler during operation and you can be calm for your children and loved ones. The handles on the boiler doors are made of heat-resistant non-heated plastic, which is also very convenient.

      All boilers are painted with high-strength powder paint with anti-corrosion properties, which will ensure a beautiful appearance of your boiler for a long time!

    • Boilers have three large doors, which provide easy access to any internal elements of the boiler for cleaning and maintenance.

      Steel boilers, although they have a rather large weight (from 170 kg),are relatively light compared to their cast iron counterparts. Also, steel is more suitable for transporting boilers over long distances and you do not have to worry that cracks and significant chips will appear in the boiler, as is the case with cast iron. The boilers use steel with a thickness of 5 mm, which increases the service life of the boilers.

    • The boilers are completely ready for connection. All threaded connections are standardized to ensure fast connection in the heating system. Connection can be done independently, but it is better to resort to the help of specialists.

    • Prior to shipment, each boiler is subjected to a high pressure test to identify and eliminate weak points. All boilers are shipped in packaging to maintain their integrity.

    • Any boiler can be retrofitted with an integrated DHW circuit (domestic hot water supply). The DHW circuit is made of stainless steel and complies with sanitary standards.

    • All boilers are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of receipt of the boiler. The warranty can be established from the date of installation, if the latter is confirmed by documents and in the presence of photographs or video filming. Show citation

Future technologies

CoolHand - thermal insulation of boilers Victory occurs with the latest tested materials. Due to this, the side, top and rear casing of the Pobeda boiler does not heat up above room temperature.

LB TECHNOLOGY — long burning technology. In our boiler, the combustion process takes place in the upper part of the furnace, gradually releasing downward. Studies have shown that in this way it is possible to achieve significant savings in firewood, with optimal heat transfer. The automation unit allows you to regulate the combustion process by automatically supplying air.

PENETRANT CONTROL — technology for checking welded seams using a special liquid (penetrant). Weld seams are treated with a penetrant, due to its fluidity, it penetrates into the smallest cracks. Then the seams are irradiated with ultraviolet light and the liquid begins to glow. Due to this, defects in the weld can be seen.

АСР Technology — The block allows you to set many parameters and controls them automatically. You can set the temperature of the coolant, control the fan supplying air to the furnace, the water circulation pump.


Thermal power

10 kW

Heated area

from 60 to 100 m²



Maximum working temperature

90 °C

Boiler weight

208 кг kg

Furnace volume

54 liters

Working pressure for open systems

1 atm

Working pressure for closed systems

2 atm

Heating medium volume in the boiler

40 liters

Outside chimney diameter

159 mm

Length of logs

38 mm


A, width

465 mm

B, depth

710 mm

C, height

1422 mm

D, from the floor to the center of the chimney

1146 mm

E, Height from floor to return nozzle

408 mm

Add. equipment

Heat accumulators
Boiler safety group
Fireplace set (poker, scoop)
Controller al-124
Temperature safety valve sts
Thermostatic mixing valve vtc511
Teng pobeda